Friday, March 31, 2006

March 27th

Gothic Goodbye
I was so taken with the gargoyles at Notre Dame that I couldn't bear to leave Paris without another look! Terence and I climbed the hundreds of stairs AGAIN to take a last look out over the city.
Au Revoir, Paris!

March 26th

The Red Windmill
During the daytime, this striking signage really is simply a red windmill.

Moulin Rouge

At night, however, it takes on a wholly different persona...!

March 25th

The Louvre

Winged Victory

Venus de Milo

The Louvre is simply huge so we decided to begin with the 'must-see' masterpieces and then see what else took our fancy. Here are the 3 'headliners' from the day!

<-- Mona Lisa

March 24th

It's all in the details...
One wonderful thing about not having a timetable is that you can enjoy the lovely surprises you find. One such lovely surprise was happening upon a gorgeous little open-air market selling flowers and garden craft-items. It was just outside this building, which I think is part of the law courts.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 23rd

Arc de Triomphe
A triumphal arch indeed! Terence was really struck by the sheer scale of this famous arch. I think approaching it from almost directly below it (from the subway) helped to emphasise its enormity.

One tip I would give to anyone planning to visit Paris would be - always look up! As in this second photo, the workmanship in some of the ceilings (particularly in the Louvre) is amazing and if you don't look for it, you'll miss out.

March 22nd

Early morning lamps
On holiday, Terence and I can't bear to waste precious time by sleeping in. As we came out of the underground station this morning and began to potter along the banks of The Seine, I saw these lovely lamps all lined up - posing for their photograph to be taken.
To the left of this photograph a local artist was just laying out her work for us to admire (and peruse for souvenirs).

March 21st

Notre Dame by Floodlight
I had seen postcards of Notre Dame in the evening, but always believed the gorgeous colouring to be a series of post-processing steps... well, it isn't! This photograph is straight out of my camera (and I'm really pleased with it). We happened to walk back this way on our way home from dinner - I'm really glad we did.

March 20th

Riding the crest of a wave...
I knew I'd manage to get a French flag into at least one of my photographs... and here it it!

March 19th

Tour Eiffel
Paris just wouldn't be Paris without this iron icon! I couldn't wait to take this shot =;-)

Wheels in motion
My Grandad would be proud of me that I was just as fascinated by the wheels and wires of the lifts as I was with the Eiffel Tower itself!
Views from the Tower

The view from the top was amazing... if rather blustery! A very kind woman took this photograph of Terence and myself stood at the top (just to prove we were there). The black and white photograph is the view from the 2nd level looking down at the radial streets surrounding the Arch de Triomphe.

March 18th

Regal Pillars
This stallion stands proud on top of a pillar at the shore-side of the Alexandra III Bridge.

March 17th

Looking down on the world!

Details from Notre Dame

Such an impressive piece of architecture! I was really overawed by the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Every part I looked at, I saw a new level of detail... stunning! The views from its gargoyle-guarded rooftops are also spectacular.

March 16th

The evening sun on The Seine
My husband and I love to wander together. Many of the loveliest views on our trip have been ones we have stumbled across whilst aimlessly meandering between the many artists along the streets of Paris.

March 15th

La Statue de la Liberté
On the 23rd June 1986, this (smaller) Statue of Liberty was gifted to the people of Paris by The United States of America. It is on a little island that runs down the middle of The Seine. The walk up to it (in today's second photograph) is lovely (and seems to be a popular route for keep-fit-runners!).

Walkway up to the Statue

March 14th

Sacre Coeur

This is the site I most wanted to see during our stay in Paris - hence choosing a hotel close by. The only other time I have visited the French capital, Sacre Couer (which simply means 'Sacred Heart') was covered in scaffolding! So here it is in all its beauty... =;-)

March 13th

Comfort Hotel Sacre Coeur, Paris
Puff, pant, 1st, ...puff, phew... 2nd, god, wheez, pant,... 3rd, groan, whinge, pant,... 4th, puff, argh, pain, aches,... 5th, At last! We've reached our room... but we've left the key all the way down there at reception!!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 12th

Lovely Lily
Having been jealously eyeing up some beautiful flower shots over the last few days from Kekiinani, James_so and others, today was my turn to play. I got out my macro lens (which I have never used before this weekend) and snapped away at this beautiful Lily. I have always loved yellow flowers - there is something so celebratory about them! =;-)
P.S. Terence and I are off to Paris this week. (It was my birthday present back in January.) So, apologies now if I can't get internet access to upload my photos each day - I'll catch up as soon as I get back. Hopefully with some Eiffel Tower photos!

March 11th

Fibonacci's Sequence
Again, showing my geekish side... The number of seeds in this flower's centre will be a member of Fibonacci's sequence. In case you're wondering (and you know you are!), the sequence starts 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,...(you add the previous two numbers together to get the next). Fascinating, eh?! Maths and nature make a powerful partnership! =;-)
The non-geekish comment to go with this photograph is that it is a flower from a gorgeous bouquet my friend Jonathan brought us when he came to visit for the weekend - thanks Jonathan x

Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10th

I want the orange one...!
I really do want the orange one, they're the only ones I like!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

March 9th

Buy It Now!
My husband and I spent today preparing some of his canal 'Roses & Castles' artwork for sale on eBay. As new eBayers, it probably took us longer than most - photographing each item, writing a description, estimating postage costs... This 'coffee pot' is my favourite. As a shameless promotion, if you are curious, just search for "canal ware" and you'll see our items =;-)
Edit: For those who sent kind comments about my husband's artwork, I will feature another piece in the future and will be sure to put a little bit of the history behind this traditional style with it. In the mean time, if you would like to see more photographs, please log on to my husband's CanalArts website.

March 8th

Butter wouldn't melt...
Don't you just love cats?! This is Pepsi. She is about 10 years old but I still call her "kitten". She is very much a 'Daddy's girl'. She was in Terence's life before me and doesn't want me to forget it! At times, she gets very territorial with me. As soon as Terence comes into the room, though, she acts as if butter wouldn't melt... =;-) (I love her very much all the same.)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7th

!!?? Ctrl = Control ??!!
You have to admire the comedic brilliance of the person who put a button on all computer keyboards called "CONTROL"!! Enough said... =;-)

Monday, March 06, 2006

March 6th

Painter's portrait
I haven't included a photo of Terence for a while on my Photo-A-Day, so here he is. In fact, today wasn't going to feature him either - just his hand (painting)! This was the last of a handful of shots that I took while he was painting some shelves and I just thought it was great so I scrapped my original idea and went with the portrait. Enjoy! =;-)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 5th

Every cloud has a 'golden' lining
I wish I had some particular story to go with this photograph. One where things that seemed bad have turned out good for me today... but the truth is, I just saw the sun lighting up the edges of this stormy cloud and thought it was beautiful. In fact, today has been a great day - Terence and I are in the midst of re-decorating and spent the day painting together, which was great fun!
I will say, though, my Gran always says that "everything happens for a reason" - I think that's a more useful spin on the "silver lining" philosophy.

March 4th

I'm not sure whether this shot was exactly what I was after but still, I think I like it. I was playing with trying to capture liquid (orange squash) flowing. I have managed it with streams and waterfalls before but I wanted to try creating the effect to order!

Friday, March 03, 2006

March 3rd

A job well done!
Due to the harsh Manchester weather, Terence and I have finally conceded and had windows fitted!!! Today they arrived. So, I thought I'd feature Darren and Clive working hard fitting them.

March 2nd

Footsteps in the snow!
As if to emphasise the contrast between Californian and Mancunian weather, today it snowed! It was only for a few minutes just after midnight but it was long enough for me to rush outside, plant my slippered foot in it, and snap a quick shot. I still felt that same child-like rush of excitement from being the first to trample in freshly lain snow! =;-)

March 1st

Sunset from the sky
I will admit that I am not a good flyer! I get nervous and wonder exactly what I am doing so high up in the sky. (It can't be natural!) But then, I see something as gorgeous as a sunset amongst the clouds and all my fretting just melts away...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

February 28th

The Bay Bridge, San Francisco
This will be my last photograph of San Francisco (for this visit, at least). I'm flying back home to Manchester today (although I won't arrive until tomorrow due to the time difference). This is the Bay Bridge, which connects the East and West shores of the San Francisco Bay. Not as colourful as the Golden Gate Bridge (hence choosing black and white) but, I think, still a truly beautiful structure.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 27th

For my last full day in San Francisco, a true tourist's snapshot! This is my colleague, Kim. It was her first visit to the Bay Area and one of her friends (in England) had asked her to pick up a "typical American newspaper". So, to record this momentus occasion, I took a photograph of her buying the paper =;-)

Monday, February 27, 2006

February 26th

'The Rock'
I had chance to go into San Francisco itself today to show my colleague a glimpse of the city she will be moving to in just a few months. Surely one of the most instantly recognisable landmarks in San Francisco (apart from the two bridges, which were shrouded in rainy mist today) has to be Alcatraz. So here is it, in appropriately gloomy weather =;-)